Mythology · 21. May 2020
Once upon a time... / Es war einmal....

Mythology · 07. April 2020
Sól, the Sun Goddess: In many cultures the solar deities are thought of as male while the lunar deity is female. But did you know that in Norse mythology the opposite was true? / DEUTSCH: Sól, die Sonnengöttin: In vielen Kulturen werden die Sonnengottheiten als männlich angesehen, während die Mondgottheit weiblich ist. Aber wussten Sie, dass in der nordischen Mythologie das Gegenteil der Fall ist?

Mythology · 20. November 2019
Ragna is a Norwegian name and is the short form for Ragnhild or Reinhild. The name consists of two roots, whereby "Ragn" means "advice, councel" and "Hilta" meaning "battle, warrior". Ragna, the advisory warrior goddess. Her name also has its roots in Ragnarok, meaning the "fate of the gods".