Herbalism · 16. October 2020
Mugwort... expanding consciousness, strengthening and protective. DEUTSCH: Beifuß... bewusstseinserweiternd, stärkend und schützend.

Poetry · 23. September 2020
[...] I was amazed at how many plant names contain anatomical references: bladderwort, kidney vetch, boneset, liverweed, lung moss… [...] how cool it would be if you could arrange a garden anatomically— [...] the “organ” plants occupying the central “torso,” lungwort and heart trefoil surrounded by ribwort [...] - Sylvia Legris on her poem "The Garden Body" -

Herbalism · 11. September 2020
Ribwort plantain... the herbal "fire extinguisher"! / DEUTSCH: Spitzwegerich... der pflanzliche "Feuerlöscher"!

Poetry · 29. August 2020
[...] when every humble flower was known to all, [...]

Herbalism · 27. August 2020
Lady's Mantle... Envelopment, protection, creation. / DEUTSCH: Frauenmantel... Umhüllung, Schutz, Schöpfung.

Poetry · 18. August 2020
[...]Chamomile smiles and whispers [...]

Herbalism · 16. August 2020
Chamomile... our herbal Mother. / DEUTSCH: Kamille ... unsere Kräutermutter.

Mythology & Fairy Tales · 28. July 2020
Whenever I look at the Arnica flowers in my garden, they remind me of La Loba, for Arnica is also called the Wolf Flower. / DEUTSCH: Wenn ich mir die Arnikablumen in meinem Garten ansehe, erinnern sie mich an La Loba, denn Arnika wird auch die Wolfsblume genannt.

Herbalism · 20. July 2020
Arnika... Known as the wolf flower, Arnika carries the wild nature of the wolf within her. / DEUTSCH: Arnika ... Bekannt als die Wolfsblume, trägt Arnika die wilde Natur des Wolfes in sich.

Poetry · 16. July 2020
[...] they bend as though it was natural and godly to bend, [...] they rise [...] in the pure peace of giving [...]

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