Herbs for Body & Soul - Wild Rose

The Rose... both stimulating and activating. Her energy mediates between the feminine and the masculine principle of yin and yang.


Her scent is soothing and calming, encouraging both inner and outer devotion. ⁣

The Rose harmonises and balances out extremes. On the one hand she has fragrant, and beautiful flowers. On the other sharp thorns.⁣

She holds both the seductive, intriguing characteristics of Venus and the warlike and protective aspects of Mars. As a result, the Rose is able to unite opposites and balance extreme emotional states.⁣

As a healer she makes existing mental wounds visible and at the same time is able to alleviate the pain that arises through this process. She has a  balsamic effect on the heart and promotes the ability to love that which is inherent in you. ⁣

The essence of her nature opens the heart, helps heal heartache, promotes empathy and understanding - and thus the ability to forgive.⁣

With the power of the Rose we want to be seen, noticed and acknowledged - in particular by ourselves. ⁣

Through strengthening our individuality, the Rose gives us the ability to set limits, to preserve and protect our boundaries and to defend that space in which we feel safe. ⁣

With the Rose life wants to be celebrated and enjoyed to the fullest!⁣