Herbs for Body & Soul - Yarrow

Yarrow... Herb of the Highly Sensitive & Warriors.⠀


The Yarrow plant can heal both physical and emotional wounds caused by conflict. Appeasing the potential for conflict through the ability to differentiate, essential when making a decision in borderline situations, where opposing possibilities must be clearly recognised and carefully weighed up against each other. ⠀

Taking the middle ground is at times best, preventing us from "bleeding out" in the face of a conflict, where we are torn between opposing fronts. Yarrow offers us valuable support and protection during times of strife.⠀

Yarrow is known for its adstringent properties and its ability to literally stop bleeding, "weaving" the skin back together again. In the same way, it stops our aura from "bleeding" into - or merging with - our surrounding emotional environment, "weaving" it back together again.


It is this quality that alleviates the often painful symptoms caused by strong stimuli, making them easier to cope with at a mental and physical level. As such, it is a wonderful healing herb for those of us who are highly sensitive. ⠀

Not only is Yarrow the herb of warriors, due to its wound healing properties, but as a venusion plant it is also one of the most important herbs for women, together with Mugwort and Lady's Mantle.


Are you also fascinated by the healing abilities of herbs?