Herbs for Body & Soul - Lavender

Lavendar... Clarification, purification; transcendence⠀

Lavendar is a healing herb for the soul, something which we have understood intuitively for centuries. The meaning of Lavendar's botanical name comes from the Latin word "lavare", to wash. Her ability to cleanse goes beyond the physical, cleansing the soul and preparing us for more subtle and higher values. ⠀

Her uplifting nature brings mental clarity and inner peace, directing our awareness to those areas of our lives or relationships that require these qualities.⠀

Lavendar's greatest strength lies in her ability to help us through life's challenges and transitional situations, in particular when we enter into this world and when we depart again. Her motherly nature lovingly takes us by the hand, leading us through difficult situations.⠀

She carries her flower far beyond herself, with a long stem that is clearly at a regular distance from the rest of the plant. When used as a medicinal herb, this loose connection has a loosening effect on the connection between the body and the soul. This suspension of the soul brings relief from pain, which is caused when the soul clings to the body. ⠀

Lavendars's clarifying effect brings us the gift of calmness and strong nerves. She guides us to transcendence, helping us to go beyond ordinary limits. ⠀